Adorable illustrations by Heng Swee Lim, aka I Love Doodle.

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Werner Bischof’s Photographs of the ruins of Germany, 1945-46.

The Reichstag building.

Horses search for food among the ruins.

Town of Koblenz. Upside-down statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I.

A man looking at the ruined city of Frankfurt am Main.

Bonn. A mother breastfeeding her child as long as possible to stave off malnutrition.

Cologne. Interior of the bomb shattered cathedral.

Town of Friedrichshafen. Children playing inside a destroyed church. September 1945.

Freiburg im Brisgau. Children play amongst the ruins. 1945.

Tiergarten. Collecting firewood. In the background: the Reichstag (City Hall). 1946.

Brandenburg Gate.